Rindfleisch Hamburger und Bier!

Saturday, January 04, 2020

We all can agree that one of the best things to do is to eat. I am not too picky, as long as it looks good, I will give it a try.
But the experience gets so much better after you've been stressing for a while, and can finally let it all out having a nice meal to relax.

Something like that happened to me a couple of days ago when I travelled to Mexico City.
I needed to take a test, and it was cheaper to do it down there than in San Diego, and while I was confident I was going to do great, there's still that little feeling that something could go wrong, that it could be harder as expected, or that my knowledge, in fact, does not suffice.  Added that I needed to keep my cool because my fianceé was even more nervous than I was, and I did not want to worry her more.

In the end, I did well in the test, and while I'm still waiting for the official results, I am confident I did as good as I expected. I felt it more as a formality I needed to take and an actual examination (yes, I'm that confident 😎). Once we finished, we were hungry. Good thing we were in la Condesa, where there is a different restaurant or eatery every 2 steps.

The Place

What caught my eye was that it was a German restaurant, and I wanted something different from Mexican or American food.
It's called "FRANKFURT: Salchichas y Cervezas" (FRANKFURT: Sausages and Beers), it has several locations in Mexico City, but as I mentioned, we visited the one in la Condesa.

Its concept is of European sausages and beers in a restaurant with that European feel and look. While the food and bread are German-style, it offers beers from the whole European Union… and some American ones, but if you're in a place like this, you can ignore those.
If you're in the mood, you can even have some wine.

The chosen dish

If you did not understand the title of this post, well, it's what I ordered, but in German: beef hamburger and beer.

This burger is the "Frankfurt burger", it comes with bacon and gouda cheese. But don't be fooled, the patty is not the regular ground beef meat. No, it's a beef sausage-shaped as a patty. It is, of course, accompanied by some fries.

And to drink?

I chose an Eku 28, a German amber beer; I did not know it at the moment, but with 11% ABV is one of the strongest beers in the world. It was not bad, and while I prefer amber beers, this one is not quite for me. Tasty… but too strong.

After this great European meal, I was glad I had taken the test in this location. By the end of the day, I was pleased with the experience and ready to go get my next meal!

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