Mexican… poutine?

Saturday, January 11, 2020

You read the title right. At first, I didn't believe it either, but then again I remembered what poutine really is. Plus, today the Mexican poutine was not the only thing I ordered.

After the December parties, it's moment to pause for a while with so much eating. It is actually proven that in December, people tend to gain from 2 to 4 kilograms, and that is not cool. Sadly, I'm not the exception to the rule, and, I'm not going to diet, but instead, I'm doing a 10-day challenge to cleanse myself and put in order what I eat and the portions.
But of course, before I do this, I indulged myself to one last not so healthy meal.

At noon I didn't really know what I wanted, I only knew I was hungry, so I took my phone and searched for something good in San Diego. That's when I came across…

The place

It's called The Crack Shack. It has 6 locations, 5 of them in California near the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, and one more in Las Vegas.
The one I went to is located in Little Italy, near Downtown San Diego.

This place's specialty is chicken and eggs. Everything on the menu has either chicken or eggs.
You can check the full menu on their website.

It's all outdoor. You arrive, order, and if you're eating there, you get a number. Sitting is open, so you choose the table or bar that's available.
In the back of the place, there is a bar which offers wines, beers, and cocktails. And even though it's outdoor, there are some TV's, something much appreciated to watch the playoffs.

The chosen dishes

Yep, I order a sandwich and something more than fries.

I chose the Firebird, which is made up of a spicy fried thigh, ranch dressing, crispy onions, pickles, potato roll.
I just read spicy and went with it… but the thigh is not my favourite part of the chicken, I prefer the breast because it has more meat, is firmer, and has less fat. And because of this, I honestly did not love it.
But that doesn't mean it was bad. The chicken was actually pretty good, it was tender and juicy. The bread was firm, but fresh.
What I didn't like much was that it wasn't spicy enough, I was expecting more, but I guess if you're not into spicy food, you'll probably enjoy it.
Again, even though I did not love it, I see myself going back, but now ordering the sandwich with chicken breast.

For the side, I ordered, as the title says, Mexican poutine.
Backstory: last year, my fianceé and I went to Canada for the first time, and we ate authentic Canadian poutine, I fell in love with it immediately. During that week I didn't eat enough poutine to fill my heart, and since then I've been looking for a place here in San Diego that serves poutine, I mean, how hard can it be to find one? (spoiler alert: it is, I haven't found one!).  So when I saw Mexican poutine in the menu, even though I knew it wasn't the real thing, I had to try it.

This dish, of poutine it only has the fries and the name in common. It is made of schmaltz fries, pollo asado and jalapeño cheese wiz.
It is simple, but it looks appetising, and oh boy, it's tasty. I actually liked it more than the sandwich.
But still, it is NOT poutine ☝. 

One more thing I liked about the location is that it is practically next to the airport, so you can see the planes no more than 100 feet above you just before they land. If you, like me, love planespotting and aviation in general, it's a nice place to see aeroplanes going by.

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