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Monday, August 09, 2021

I had to make a quick stop at Mexico City and Instagram knew exactly where to send me. Well, it didn’t exactly show me, but it showed my girl and she knows those things that make me easily excited.

By now you should know I love food, and I hope this is the same reason why you read me. But sometimes the place is as exciting as the food served in that place. This time I was more excited for the place than the food, but it was equally delicious.

The place

Located inside “Parque Interlomas” in State of Mexico, we have “Train Bistro”, and as you may imagine from the name, the theme is all about trains!

According to the webpage description, it has the looks of a train station from Europe in the 40s. The whole thing feels as if you were inside a train station, the seats resemble train station benches, some tables made out of luggage. But this isn’t the best part.

What makes this restaurant so cool, and unique in the whole American continent is that it has several computer-controlled trains that go from the kitchen, stretch throughout the whole restaurant, there are five bridges, and the tracks end at each table. Yes, the trains deliver the food.

With that single sentence I was sold and I had the urge to go.

How it works?

There are still waiters in the place, but they will take your order, occasionally ask how everything’s going, and bring those things that a train can’t deliver. Other than that, once you choose what you want to drink and your meal, it’s only a matter of waiting for the train to arrive. It automatically stops at your table, and once everybody takes their dish/drink, it slowly backs up and returns to the kitchen.

What about the food?

The restaurant defines the style as casual gourmet, which basically means: the food you can find in any other regular restaurant, just presented nicely.
For example, for breakfasts, it offers the classics: fruits bowls, pancakes, chilaquiles, enchiladas, bagels, and eggs. For entries, potatoes in different forms, soups and creams, and salads. For the main dish, they have pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs.

So, nothing extraordinary or something you may not expect, but still, it’s nicely presented, it has great flavour and feels fresh… and come on, it arrives on a train!

You can check the full menu on their webpage.


What did I have?

This visit we had the “Cubos Mikado” to start, which are a mix of breaded cheeses chipotle mayo and carrots. And as the main dish, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich. And for dessert, a cinnamon roll which comes with red fruits and a chocolate bunny.

Again, nothing too fancy, but it was tasty and fresh. The meat in my sandwich was soft as you might expect from pulled pork.

This place is not really for trying something different, it’s about having a nice experience. I loved the theme and was fascinated by the trains running across the whole place carrying drinks and food, so if you have kids they’ll love this place 100%.

And of course, you can buy train sets before you leave. 

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