Fries? Yeah! Buddha fries

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Another weekend of not going out. After all this time I should be eager to go out... but honestly I’m very happy at home. Not working, not dealing with anybody... just me, my bed, and Silicon Valley’s last season.

With this plans, obviously I’m not cooking today. In the morning I barely had enough strength to make a quesadilla for breakfast. Dinner? Nope, that’s too much.

By now, I know almost all the restaurants near home, and the fact that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to have did not make the search easier. I just needed sustenance.

After browsing Uber Eats for a while, I found a dish that caught my eye, from a place I hadn’t notice before.

The Place 

Remember the “torta” entry where I mentioned how Uber Eats showed one thing, but Maps showed another? (if not, you can read that entry here).
Well, something similar happened with this place.

According to Uber Eats the place is called “MJ’s Fusion Deli”, but according to their receipt it’s 805 South Burrito 🤔.
But I’m going with the first one because this time it does appear in the map as “MJ’s Fusion Deli”.

Again, can’t talk about the place because it’s closed for dine-in. I can say that, from what I see in the pictures it’s not fancy. You order, and sit (or take-out because pandemic).
And as you can see from the map above, it’s practically in front of a Collage, so it’s gotta be popular among students.

The Dish

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but this caught my eye.
It’s called “Buddha Fries”. By now you should now I love fries and potatoes. I may even have a serious problem with potatoes. So, the word fries got my curiosity. What got my attention were the rest of the ingredients:

It comes with fries, of course, two eggs, two meats to choose, cheese, Asian salad, house sauces, and seaweed sesame seeds. For an extra bucks you can add shrimp and make you fries Cajun style.
For my order I went with regular fries, spicy red chilli pork, and MJ’s special chicken. Eggs, scrambled of course.
This seemed to be no ordinary “carne asada fries”. This is what I got:

I have to admit the portion is generous indeed. Also, I find awesome that there’s more meat than fries.
You know I love fries, but usually these kind of dishes have fries and some meat. With this one, it’s meat and some fries. That’s great value for my money.

As you can see, there’s salad at the very top, both meats are evenly distributed, the eggs are in the back corner, and the fries are at the bottom, which improve their flavour because of the juice the meats drip.

Now, final verdict: it’s ok. It was something different and I appreciate that. I might even order again, but with different meats to mix up things. I also think it’s a nice mix between American food and Asian cuisine. But at the end it’s fast easy food. Its location is perfect, because it’s great for busy students. A quick, not expensive, well-served meal. And for lazy weekends, it was great.

I know these are hard times, but it’s cool to order from your local restaurants every once in a while. We are all in this together, and if we don’t spend locally, our communities will have a much harder time than it is right now.
Plus, it’s always cool to try new dishes. You could find a hidden gem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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