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Sunday, March 08, 2020

One last stop in Mexico City before I return home. This time it was my mom who chose the restaurant because it was her birthday, and that's the law, birthday gal gets to pick. Luckily she's got pretty good taste.

This time we went to the south of the city, to Coyoacán. This is actually a must-go for any person visiting Mexico City. It's a nice neighbourhood, it's full of history, there are a lot of Museums (like Frida Khalo's house), and there are lots of places to eat, lots of great options. But this time we went to an old favourite.

The place

It's called "Los Danzantes", and it's located next to Coyoacán's central park, or actually, Coyoacán's Downtown.

The other location of this restaurant is in another state, in Oaxaca.

This place is 100% Mexican, and they define their concept as a fusion between the ancient and contemporary Mexico, "a dance between the past, the present, and the future [...] with flavours that [can] transport you to every corner [of the] country."
Starting with the location, like I said it's in the middle of Coyoacán. The building screams "Made in Mexico" everywhere you see. And of course, the whole menu is 100% Mexican; even sodas, you can order one, but there's no Coke or Sprite or any American brand.

Mexican-made lemon-mint soda
They also produce their own mezcal which you can consume in the restaurant, or you can buy a bottle (or bottles, who am I to limit you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

The Dish

Today I went for something from the sea, so… fish, but not any fish. I ordered the huachinango Tikin-Xic style. 

The huachinango is a fish, according to Wikipedia, is a species of snapper. It is marinated in achiote, which is a spice very popular in South America, especially Mexico, and you can read more about it here. It is on a beans taco with banana, cotija cheese, x-nipeck, and avocado (which of course I ask mine without it because #TeamNoAvocado). 

It looks very well presented and tasty indeed. And the flavour is impressive. It really lives up to their claim to combine past and present. 
All these ingredients are typical to the region and combined in this way, it makes a unique dish, a unique experience.

I like the taste of the fish because it was fresh, and that's something difficult to maintain as Mexico City is far from any coast, so the fish consumed here has to be transported on ice to prevent it from going bad. Of course, it's not as fresh as if it had been taken out of the water recently but certainly does not taste frozen.
And if you have never eaten achiote, you have not lived to your fullest yet. And don't worry, it's a spice, but it is not spicy.

Something to take into account if you want to come here, at least on the weekend, is that it is so popular you will probably have to wait 20+ minutes. For example, we went on a Sunday and waited 45 minutes to be seated. I know it can be a long wait, but trust me, it's worth it.

And one last thing… while you're in Coyoacán, you can't say no to a nata gordita!

The mezcal picture was taken from Los Danzantes webpage.

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