Being advenchurros!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Have you ever experienced a moment when the dessert was better than a meal?
Oh yeah, it happens! And it's delicious! (probably not healthy… but delicious indeed!).

This week I was back in Mexico City, and while I had heard about this place, I didn't have the pleasure to try its sweet offerings. In fact, it's so popular I had once tried to go, but the line was impossible, forcing me to pass on that time... until now!

The Place

If you've ever gone as a tourist to Mexico City, the probability of ever hearing about this place is high, as it is often recommended to tourists.
It's called "El Moro", and it's a churrería. Don't know what a churrería is? It's a place which sells churros.

This restaurant/churrería first opened back in 1935 by Francisco Iriarte, a Spanish immigrant who after arriving in Mexico and realising nobody was selling churros started to sell them in a street cart at Mexico City's Zocalo in 1933. With the money he made with the street cart, he opened the first restaurant.
Nowadays "El Moro" has 13 locations across Mexico City; this time I went to the one located in Zona Rosa, but you can check all of them on their webpage.

The menu is not extensive, but what's in it is enough for a good time.
Obviously, the main dish and specialty are churros which you can order in orders of four or singles. Right now, they are offering red velvet churros for a limited time.
For your churros, you can add a sweet dip of cajeta, chocolate, or condensed milk.

They also have what is called Consuelo and Consuelitos, and are like ice cream sandwiches, but instead of a cookie, the ice cream is between rolled churros. The difference is that a Consuelo is a big sandwich with one ice cream flavour, and the Consuelitos are three little ones with three ice cream flavours. You can choose among chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream, you know, the classics.

Of course, they also have hot, cold, and sweet beverages to accompany your desserts such as coffee, hot chocolate, milk, almond milk, frappes, tea, and sodas.
Oh, if you get hot chocolate, you can add little marshmallows! 👌

Looking for something not sweet? You can order a torta for dinner! Although not available in all locations, you can have pastor and pierna con mole (adobada pork and pork leg with mole) tortas. This time I had neither, but I've heard they are pretty good and tasty. I should go back and confirm this premise.

The Dish

You know what I ordered. Churros!
And yes, they are pretty good making me understand why they are so popular.

Verdict: Delicious. They're crunchy and feels like taking a bite from sweet heaven.
The order of 4 churros, the one I had, is perfect to share between two people as they're big enough, but if you're brave or hungry enough, it's not hard to finish one order all by yourself.

They are so great because they are made at the moment so you can be sure they are always fresh, and that provides a great flavour. Because the place is popular and often there are big queues, they are continually preparing churros, so nothing is more than 20-30 minutes old, at least from what I was able to see. Once they are ready and out of the oil, the cook passes the tray to the front bar. Before handing your order they ask if you want your churros with sugar or cinnamon (team cinnamon here!), and they add it right there.

Definitely, a great option to enjoy a classic, timeless dessert 👌.

Cover photo taken from El Moro's webpage

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