Fries and… cheetos? Yes please!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Challenge complete! 10 days of strict diet and an eating schedule, and after losing 3.65kg, I'd say it was a success. To not undo what I've accomplished, I just need to maintain certain habits. But that doesn't mean I am not allowed to indulge myself every now and then, and of course, that's something I need to do so I can keep writing.

If you remember the asada fries entry, you know I love potatoes, especially fries. How can I reward myself after a well-done challenge? Fries, of course. But this time, not any kind of fries.

Before starting this food-writing side project, I embarked on the mission to find the best buffalo fries out there, and while I haven't written about my favourite buffalo wings and fries place yet, it's a hard contender. Soon I'll write about it... but for now, I went and try contender number one.

The place

It must be promising if the place is called "The Buffalo Spot".
It has several locations across California, Texas, and Arizona. Luckily in San Diego, there are 2 locations, one in the Bonita area, and the other one in Lemon Grove.
The one I went to this weekend was the one in Bonita. It's actually in the Westfield Plaza Bonita's food court.

Just like any mall food court, it is a counter in the middle of many other food counters. You get in line, order, and wait on the side for your order to be ready.
There's the option to order take-out or eat there in the mall's eating area.

I haven't been to the Lemon Grove location, and I can't get into too much detail on how it looks and the environment, but that one is an independent local. Meaning it's not in a food court, but still, it's not a big restaurant.

As you may guess from the name of this place, their main dishes are wings and fries.
You can choose between class bone-in and boneless wings. Chicken tenders. A variety of sauces from the classic Buffalo sauce, to BBQ,  sweet-spicy, garlic, lemon pepper, or teriyaki.
You can add seasoning to your fries to increase the flavour.

Not what you looking for or not enough? They also have Buffalo Cali Burrito.
The class California burrito is made of fries and carne in a burrito. the twist with this burrito is, well, buffalo fries made a burrito. (I have to add this to my to-eat list 🤔).
They even have salads if you're looking for healthy option... at least a less fattening, as you can choose to put buffalo in them. 

But what I got was even better...

The chosen dish

The slogan claims to be the home of the best buffalo fries, which by itself already sounds inviting, but how can they make them better? Hot Cheetos Buffalo Fries!

I reckon it doesn't take much to put Cheetos on top of a dish... but doing so increases the dish's likeability by a huge percentage. And if it's Flaming Hot Cheetos, it's doubled.
C'mon, just look at it:

I had my fries seasoned with lemon pepper and medium buffalo sauce, and all I can say is that it's terrific.
I know it's not the healthiest dish, but it's great for a weekend, to have it with friends, or to watch sports (especially right now with the SuperBowl so close).
There are different sizes, so it's up to you if you want to share... or have a big stomach.

Something important to mention is that it is a limited-time dish. There's no word on how long it will last but don't take chances and go try them.
Although, on Instagram, they told me that if they're popular enough, it may return to the menu.

And well, the final verdict?
I really liked them, and I'm going back before they disappear from the menu, but I'd put these in 2nd place in my scale of "Best Buffalo Fries".
The fries are perfect, the sauce is excellent and classic, but the chicken portion is not enough. Missed opportunity there.
But still, they hold a sweet spot.

Max's Score: 8/10 (9/10 with Cheetos 🤤)

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